• Founder

    Name: Christy Porter

Christy Porter, Owner-Operator of the Jasmine Nyree Educational Center created the center after realizing through her own personal experience that Kern County needed a comprehensive and professional special needs day center that would provide the services necessary to reduce the pressure on families of children with disabilities.

Mrs. Porter is committed to providing safe, interactive and enriching activities for special needs children by recruiting committed and professional staff that provides quality services that enhance child functioning while working with families to receive supportive ancillary services essential for providing skills that can further assist special needs children in the home.

Born in Frederick, Oklahoma and the daughter of Mrs. Patricia Griffin, Christy comes from a family of six girls. A graduate of Foothill High School here in Bakersfield California, Christy took an interest in her academics and playing basketball. After graduating from high school, Christy went on to continue her education at Bakersfield College and Southwestern Oklahoma State University.

Christy has been married for 12 years to her high school sweetheart Joey Porter, Super Bowl winning, All- Star linebacker who currently plays for the Phoenix Cardinals.

Christy has four children, two boys and two girls. A business owner and innovative motivator of children and women across the country, Christy believes in investing in our children and communities. She is currently pursuing business ventures that will improve services to metropolitan Bakersfield.